Choosing the perfect memorial for your loved one is an important and special decision to make. Everybody is different and unique to each other; just like the carved memorials, there will never be an exact replica.

Have your loving words and thoughts carved permanently into natural wood; a superb tribute to your loved one.

Carving bespoke memorials is a peaceful process. A lot of thought and care is sculpted into every piece to make it special.Oak memorial by Graham.

A hand carved wooden memorial is unique, meaningful, and a more personal alternative. All carvings are made from solid wood, either English oak or Ash, and are carefully hand oiled to ensure longevity.

The process

When designing memorials, including personal touches makes it even more special.

At your pace, we can discuss what you’d like the finished creation to look like. Favourite flowers and animals are a nice touch, as are objects that represent a previous hobby such as binoculars, tools, fishing gear, and books. Along with your perfect wording, together, we can create a hand carved memorial that is as individual and as special as your beloved.

Each project can take up to 4 weeks to complete. If you’re interested, get in touch for a free, no obligation chat to discuss your perfect wooden memorial.